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Ginny Abblett   more info / photos

Working in pastel and watercolor, sometimes combining media, Ginny Abblett has studied with artists in seminars, workshops and private instruction in Colorado, New Mexico, Hong Kong and Japan. Plein Air painting is her mode of choice, and she has carted materials to paint on location in England, France, Italy, Arizona, New Mexico, New York, Ohio and Utah.

"In Between"
Pastel, " x 12"


Deborah Berniklau Fuelberth    more info / photos

The romance of the horse and their connection to people is still alive and well, and that’s the main thrust of her compositions. “It’s that connection that’s been in existence for thousands of years I’m striving to capture,” says Berniklau Fuelberth, “the story in each painting. I want collectors, patrons and appreciators of my paintings to have a permanent and timeless record and treasure of their experiences with horses.”


Helping Hands
Oil on canvas, 36  x 24


Kelly Berger  more info / photos 

“My years in the marketing arena have informed the underlying graphic structure of my work. I’m drawn to strong color, powerful contrast and dramatic perspective,” she explains. Kelly’s pieces include a contemporary interpretation of Western landscapes, cityscapes, still life, and an overview perspective of people in motion.

Pure Gold
30 x 48 inches


Norm Bleistein   more info / photos 

“I am hooked on the potential of digital processing for recapturing the image in my mind’s eye. Traditional film or new digital media can capture only a small fraction of the highlight and shadow that the human eye sees. The digital darkroom facilitates recapturing the visual image, especially near the edges of the range of light of the medium, where detail begins to fail. Further, the eye interprets color more vividly than it appears in any image capture. I try to reproduce that interpreted color while avoiding artificial enhancement. For me, the result has to be pleasing and plausible, but I admit to a consciousness of light and color that was raised by my love and study of impressionist painting.”


Untitled, Colorado
Giclee print from original
photographic montage

Jane Bunegar  more info / photos  

"As in life, so it is in art. The more I paint and learn, the more there is to learn. Art is complex! In addition to skill and talent, the study demands intellectual discipline and commitment. Thankfully, because of my passion for art, there is infinite pleasure in the process. As a serious artist, I strive to make the difficult and complex become beautiful and spontaneous. My desire is to speak through my art on an intimate and unique level. "


"Untitled Still Life"


Carole Buschmann   more info / photos     

"Drawing and Painting were early tools of communication, exploration and adventure for me. I grew up in the center of Kansas and loved to dream, read and draw. Now as an adult I have continued to dream, explore and immerse my self in art."

Flower Thoughts, 17 x 23

Michelle Chrisman   more info / photos 

"Painting is a mysterious process. There is the academic side where one learns all of the “rules” that are necessary, whether you are going to use them or break them. Then there is the poetry. I love painting in a way that applies the rules and then dives into another poetic place. I am a colorist and a modernist and I love to take painting to the edge of disaster which is a walk on the wild side! I also love to paint in a way where the viewer sees thick and moving paint, as it has the most sensuous quality all on its own."


"King Over Ojito in Last Sun’s Glow"
Oil on canvas

Bren Corn   more info / photos

Corn believes art is limitless to interpretation. She invites the viewer to experience her work and allow each piece to strike in its’ own way. She says, “Ultimately, you will not see what I see; every individual is reached differently. I want you to take out of it what you will. That is truly the beauty and wonders of Art.”


acrylic on canvas
20"x 20"

Tim Deibler  more info / photos 

"Nature offers an endless variety of beauty, but all too often it goes unnoticed. My goal is to capture some of this beauty and present it in such a way that the viewer feels the same emotion I felt while observing nature and painting it."


"Basket Weaver"
12 x 16

Jeanne Echternach  more info / photos  

“I paint for the sheer love of the art, with the same excitement and wonder that I had when I first began to paint at ten years old.”

Jeanne is a transplanted New Englander, having grown up along the New Hampshire coast. But for the past 30 years, Colorado has been her home.

Her work is characterized by expressive brushwork and a playful use of color, giving Jeanne’s paintings a spontaneous and fresh look.

Recent Award:  Artists Choice at the Breckenridge Art and Wildflower Event 2011



"dappled Light"

Ken Elliott                        more info / photos 

“Typically, I’m trying to use brighter colors than are found in nature, but that still seem believable to me. I am also balancing different elements in my work to make a more interesting scene.  Whistler said, ‘I’m improving on nature.’  That is very close to what goes on when I am working.  It is very much a chess game.  There is a lot of deliberating, chance-taking and moving pieces around.”


"Colorful Slope"
oil on canvas
36 x 48
Victoria Eubanks       more info / photos

"I like familiar things, simple comfortable things, coffee cups, bikes, the alphabet, circles. These mundane things become almost exotic when represented in encaustic medium. Wax is just magic that way. It can be luminous and light, saturated with color, ultra smooth or ultra lumpy. I can’t take any credit for that; Mother Nature gives wax the magic qualities. I just get the pleasure of using it for making art."


Skinny Alpha Dance
Encaustic on panel 24x20


Laura Guese            more info / photos

Laura Guese has participated in solo and group exhibitions in galleries around the United States, including Viridian Artists Inc. in New York, NY, the Stoneheart Gallery in Evergreen Colorado, and Indigo Gallery in Fort Collins, Colorado. Laura was awarded artist residencies with the Ucross Foundation of Clearmont, Wyoming in 2007, and Jentel Artist Residency Program of Banner, Wyoming in 2008.  Laura was born in Denver, Colorado, where she currently lives and works.


Lenticular Evening
Oil and oilbar on canvas
56 x 54

Kaye L. Hurtt             more info / photos

Born in Waterville Kansas, Kaye Hurtt grew up surrounded by silos and sunflowers. Perhaps that was where her inspiration was born but not fully realized until later in life.

At the urging of a friend, she attended the Botanical Illustration School located at the Denver Botanic Gardens and completed the curriculum in 2000. Since this time she has been commissioned for personal collections and participated in many selected and solo exhibitions.


Susan Q. Harrington     more info / photos 

"All in my family are makers of things. We drew, knitted, woodworked, constructed things, mostly for ourselves. My making of things evolved beyond personal craft into the level of fine art- specifically drawing, painting, and printmaking. My high school teachers and college professors greatly encouraged my interests and honed my skills in techniques as well as concept.

I chose graduate studies here in Colorado because of my love for the plains, its continuing source of visual inspiration in its broad vistas, unending skies, interesting horizons, exuberant color, and myriad textures. It is a gift to myself to immerse in this place and make art about it."



Susieheyer               more info / photos

She is featured in the newly released “Landscapes of Colorado Mountains and Plains."


"Fall River, Rocky Mountain Natl Park"
oil, 9 x 12 inches


Griff Jones            more info / photos     

Art has always been my passion.  I have been an artist since childhood and have always followed it where it would take me. I believe God is at the center of all my work, it is what I feel. Painting is my meditation, prayer and commitment to becoming the best artist I can be.


Griff Jones
Side by Side
9 x 12 inches


Renee Jorgensen   more info / photos 


Artist & Illustrator Renee Jorgensen is a Nature and Fine Botanical artist. She has a foundation in hand lettering and illustrated lettering.

When not working in her studio, she is an instructor for, and a graduate of the “Botanical Art and Illustration” program at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Currently she is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, American Society of Botanical Artists, The Rocky Mountain Botanical Arts Society & The Summit Scribes Calligraphic Society.



Tom Komala        more info / photos 

Tom loves studying nature and capturing images in oil and pastel while on location. From glistening pagodas to whitewashed villages, Moroccan bazaars to the California coast Komala paints from life and captures the vitality and uniqueness of each diverse subject.


Jeff Koehn             more info / photos 

Jeff Koehn is one of a few younger artists that have captured the interest of gallery owners and art lovers across the country these past several years. Born in a small Midwestern town, his first grade teacher was prescient when she told him he would be a famous artist some day.

Jeff's style has evolved from early emphasis on photo-realism with the use of pastels in cityscapes and figurative works. His earlier illustrative works have appeared in numerous publications. As he shifted to oil and acrylics, he has become absorbed with the excitement of color and texture, refining his paintings with dry brush techniques that lend both complexity and subtlety to his distinctive style.



"Dahlia Project"

Victoria Kwasinskie         more info / photos 

Of her lifetime journey as an Artist, Victoria states, “Art is my passion and my joy! I believe that we are here to live our purpose as defined by what we are passionate about, that which makes our heart sing. I also believe that we each have a responsibility to share our gifts with all.  Whether I am sharing my knowledge of Art through instruction, or providing a visual experience for the viewer or collector, my ultimate goal is to encourage all to see and live the beauty and joy of this gift of life.


Martin Lambuth                    more info / photos 

“Having made a living as an artist for over 30 years in the field of graphic design, I want to explore art without the confines of t-squares, rulers and machines."



A Sun Kissed Trail

248 x 60 Oil

Wisteria Afternoon
24x18 Oil

Doug Martin                             more info / photos 

As a Colorado native Doug Martin has always had a strong affinity for the outdoors and nature. His fondness for the natural world is well answered by his love of oil painting. During his three decades as a professional nature photographer he could typically be found out "in the woods" immersed in natures wild places, developing his eye and gaining an understanding of the amazing array of different light situations that nature delivers.

"Light is the key in impressionistic painting" and capturing that light with paint is where Martin's impressionistic style aligns beautifully with his naturalistic sensibilities.


Virgin River Bottom, Zion Natl. Park
Oil, 12 x 12

Evelyn Valdez Martinez       more info / photos 

Evelyn first studied art under the tutelage of oil painter, William Johnson, who in turn, took his training with such notable greats as Frank J. Rielly and George Bridgeman at the Art Students League of New York. Evelyn has also studied oil painting at the Art students League of Denver with Kim English, Kevin Weckbach, and Quang Ho, as well as with other artists of national and international reputation; including workshops with Richard Schmid, Ramon Kelley and Ned Jacob. She has studied pastel painting with Daniel Greene and Bruce Gomez.


"To the Hayfields"
Oil, 11 x 14 inches

Nura Mascarenas  more info / photos 

"The inner journey of exploring the many sides of myself reflect in my work, in my different mediums.

My love for travel has opened up so many amazing places to paint, whether the dry desert or the fields in Europe. Each experience has pushed me deeper, and forced me to challenge myself by feeling and thinking outside of the box, exploring new ways to experience creating art."
oil on canvas, 20 x 30

Milton Meyer  more info / photos 

Without benefit of artistic training he is, nevertheless, a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Pastel Society of the West Coast (with designation as “Distinguished Pastellist") and Knickerbocker Artists. He has been admitted as an artist member of the Salmagundi Club, New York, NY, and is a Founding Director of and Member of Masters Circle in the International Association of Pastel Societies.


'Turkish Boatmen'
pastel. 16 x 23

Meg Miller                            more info / photos

"By taking simple and often mundane images, symbols, numbers, patterns and iconography from popular culture, and playing with the juxtaposition of them by placing them in an unexpected context, they develop a new personality and become art.  This helps us notice an invisible world around us that we might otherwise look at, but never see."


Digital art on canvas
36x48 inches

E. Melinda Morrison          more info / photos

"People have always been my first love in painting. Even though I love to paint landscapes, my greatest appreciation is for the human form. Whether a humorous or emotional moment, capturing a person in a moment of expression is the ultimate glory for me in my painting."


'The Honeymooners'

Tracy Parker   more info / photos 

Through my abstract mixed-media expressions I aim to inspire people to transform the way we relate and connect to the world of environments which we live in. " 

"These paintings are everything I feel, see and do; everything I can’t find words to express.   I seek subject matter that is very personal, but is able to be translated universally."


'Lighthouse #1

Garnie Quick  more info / photos

"My love affair with watercolors started when my children were in high school. I had always wanted to express myself in some way and watercolor became that medium. The joy comes from not only expressing my impression of the world around me but also from the the creation of a whole new world in the process."

"My hope is that anyone viewing my work will be able to feel the essence of what I try to capture."


"A Street in Nice"
watercolor, 14" x 20"

Kathryn Riedinger        more info / photos 

"My oil paintings are a reflection of my experiences, many completed en plein air, in the world. I enjoy capturing moments in everyday life on city streets as well as those of hills, trees, water and sky."


Le Marche de Montmarte
Oil on Canvas, 30x30

Karen Scharer          more info / photos

"My art reflects my faith in imagination and intuition, and my fascination with the natural world.  Through painting, my ideas and visions become tangible.  When I begin a work, I don't know how it will end, but everything I have seen and experienced influences the outcome.  I see each piece as an interaction -- a conversation – with the evolving painting.  This approach to creating art is extremely personal -- each piece is a unique result of who I am and how I relate to the world around me."


Reflections 1-2
oil on canvas

Teresa Schroder    more info / photos

Teresa began her art career while in high school. She majored in Art at the University of Central Oklahoma.  Later, she worked with the Art Students League of Denver and meeting fellow artists gave her a solid connection with the art community there.

She is a member of Oil Painters of America and teaches classes from her studio, “Aspen Arts Studio & Gallery”, in Conifer, CO. Her work has been accepted in the 2006 “Salon International” show hosted by The International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art.


"Autumn Lake"
Oil, 16 x 20 inches
Cheryl St. John    more info / photos

Cheryl is a fourth generation Colorado Native, with a great appreciation of nature, the environment and the preservation of both. She is known for her “plein-air” landscapes as well her breathtaking large landscape paintings created from the plein air studies.

In 2012 Cheryl was the US Capitol Christmas Tree Art Competition Grand Prize winner and  her oil painting was awarded “Official Image” of The Capitol Christmas Tree and her work is on on Permanent display in the Art Collection of the  U.S. Capitol


oil on canvas, 24 x 36

Jared Steinberg    more info / photos

Jared Steinberg, a native of Denver, graduated with a Bachelor of Studio Arts Degree from Arizona State University and is a member of both The Art Students League of Denver and the River North Art Community (a.k.a. RiNo). Mr. Steinberg has exhibited his work in various Denver locations including The Art Students League of Denver, The Spark Gallery and The Denver Civic Theater.

Jared believes that educating people who love and appreciate art will serve to improve the growing art scene in the Denver area. He has conducted several open studios and lectures in his work space, called Yellow House Studio, to help in this effort.


"Aqua, Good and Evil"

Phyllis Stone            more info / photos

Phyllis Stone is a Denver artist with a life-time interest in art who has been painting for over 20 years. She works primarily in oils and has done both traditional realistic works and abstract and nonrepresentational paintings.

"Many of my paintings as well as the series incorporating copper and glass are about journeys. Maps can help us arrive at the destination, but the route taken is up to the individual. That is a way to look at art. And it is similar with life, as each person must seek his or her own way. As the saying goes, "Life is a Trip." 



acrylic, 40" x 40"
Steve Zavodny          more info / photos 

I had a serious eye operation at age 23.  Consequently, I took seeing more seriously, enough to get a camera and start shooting.

I became left-eyed and right brained.  I saw people as living cartoons and nature as the source of all.  Now I have made a garden that I photograph and it supplies me with an endless source of nature.


"Fiery Dahlia"


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