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Bren Corn


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The paintings of Bren Corn reflect a talent that emerges from her deep devotion to the medium. Working from a never-ending passion, she trusts every stroke using her paintbrush as her instrument of intuition and spontaneity. She says, “It still blows my mind to see what ends up on my canvas.”

Corn had the ability to suddenly change her style and erupt with new phases of work. "It's time for a new movement". Being bombarded with iconography along with major changes in her life prompted the abstract works. "I'm discovering a new part of myself with this new phase of work, declaring realities...simply seeing what is right in front of need to search; nature, reality, and freedom are already there. " Corn works with the freedom that clearly exhibits her respect of the child-like spirit and trust found in the realm of honoring ones passions in life…her paintings are wild with color and emotion, a style that is truly her own.

Corn believes art is limitless to interpretation. She invites the viewer to experience her work and allow each piece to strike in its’ own way. She says, “Ultimately, you will not see what I see; every individual is reached differently. I want you to take out of it what you will. That is truly the beauty and wonders of Art.”

Corn’s education includes the University of Colorado in Boulder, and Western State College in Gunnison where she received a BA in Fine Art. Among her many honors, she graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2000 from Western State, a recipient of “National Appreciation of Fine Artists: Artist of the month” in 2000, “Best of College Photography” Forum Magazine 2000, Artreach International Competition Award Winner 2003, Director of Paragon Gallery in Crested Butte, Co 2003-2004, and a News 4 interview 2004.

Her work is included in over 200 private collections throughout the United States, including Western State College. She exhibits her work through solo and group exhibitions as well as invitational and juried competitions and festivals.

Selected Exhibitions
Piper Gallery, Crested Butte-2005 Framed Image-2005 Telluride Arts Festival-2004 Colorado Artists Festival-Denver-2005, 2004,2001 East End Gallery-2004 Aspen Arts Festival-2004,2003 Alumni Show-Western State College-2002 Art Center “Living This”-Gunnison-solo exhibit-2001 Celebrate Colorado Artists-Denver-2004,2001 Art Center “ Figure This”-Gunnison-solo exhibit-2000 Vail Arts Festival-2000

NEWS 4-live studio interview-2004
Art News Magazine-artists directory-2001
Forum Magazine-2000
Pathfinder Magazine WSC-2000,1999,1998



Bren Corn
Unlock the Hidden II
Acrylic 50 x 50

acrylic on canvas
20"x 20"

mixed media 20"x 20"
"Unlock the Hidden"
acrylic on canvas, 50"x 50"

"The Attic"
acrylic on canvas, 50" x 50"

"Behold, A Lady"
acrylic on canvas, 50" x 50"

acrylic on canvas, 60" x 48"

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Denver, CO  80222
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