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Jared Steinberg


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Jared Steinberg, a native of Denver, graduated with a Bachelor of Studio Arts Degree from Arizona State University and is a member of both The Art Students League of Denver and the River North Art Community (a.k.a. RiNo). Mr. Steinberg has exhibited his work in various Denver locations including The Art Students League of Denver, The Spark Gallery and The Denver Civic Theater.

Jared believes that educating people who love and appreciate art will serve to improve the growing art scene in the Denver area. He has conducted several open studios and lectures in his work space, called Yellow House Studio, to help in this effort.

”My art is a study of relationships. Over the years, I have created and cultivated a very personal collection of images such as water, earth, buildings, people, and music. I am fascinated by their connections to each other; to me; to the canvas. Learning from these relationships has provided me with the insight to initiate suggestions and stories, offering just enough information to allow a viewer’s imagination the freedom to interpret it, based on their own experience. Painting has been such a pleasure to me because it constantly provides me with the opportunity to learn and grow from my work. My art is intended to be an experience; to provide the viewer with a unique perspective that I, myself, am learning to see better every day.

I would say that my work is a fusion of several major art movements; I consider it to be 21st Century Impressionism. Ultimately, it is an exploration of figurative work that plays on the relationships of both color and content. I paint on a spatial, illustrative, and every now and then, spiritual plane. I cordially invite you, the viewer, to be at least a spectator, and perhaps if I’m lucky, a participant in my paintings.”



Aqua, Good and Evil


Guest and Guesses

I Arrived in Denver by Stagecoach

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