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Meg Miller


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I isolate bits and pieces of the world around us and highlight their graphic simplicity and inherent, underlying appeal.
I am particularly drawn to Pop Art because of its editorial nature and its ability to show the world to itself.

By taking simple and often mundane images, symbols, numbers, patterns and iconography from popular culture, and playing with the juxtaposition of them by placing them in an unexpected context, they develop a new personality and become art.  This helps us notice an invisible world around us that we might otherwise look at, but never see.

My most recent work involves Totems, which are cultural objects that represent relationships. They say, “This is who we are. We are all united.”  The African term Ubuntu means, “I am because we are.” Every society throughout history has rituals and artifacts conveying this sentiment. I have been collecting many of these vintage images, materials and found objects for over 20 years. It’s an interesting and nostalgic exercise to study faces, expressions and lifestyles from the past, and it’s always a thrill to see how they come together in their own time to find a new voice.


I work in bold colors and simple forms. I assemble a variety of media and collage elements to create texture, depth and interest. I collect found objects and allow the art to take form in the arbitrary, random and collective nature of these things.

“Collage has become the quintessential twenty first century art form. Once considered a folk art, collage has emerged as both a medium and as a way of thinking. Collage allows us to break away from an established order. It allows great flexibility, and because it is not tied to any specific mode of expression, it can accommodate abstraction and representation equally.”



The Eyes Have It
Mixed media on wood
26x16 inches

Digital art on canvas
56x50 inches

Feminine Totem
Mixed media on wood
40x72 inches

Digital art on canvas
36x48 inches

Mythical Totem
Mixed media on wood
40x79 inches

Mixed media on wood
14x14 inches

Bird Cage
Mixed media on wood
14x14 inches


5066 E. Hampden Ave.
Denver, CO  80222
Tue-Fri 10-5:30,
Sat 10-5
email us



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