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Phyllis Stone


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Phyllis has recently been involved with two very  different series of paintings.

One is a series of paintings of oversize flowers shown from an unusual perspective and against a black background. Another series is made up of totally nonrepresentational works which are concerned with color, texture and line. Working back and forth between the two different subjects has proven challenging and interesting for the artist. Also, within the past year, Phyllis has created highly textured wall pieces using copper and glass. Other interests of the artist include painting furniture and decorative floor cloths.

A graduate of the University of Iowa, Phyllis has had graduate work at the University of Denver, studied at Denver Opportunity School and the Denver Art Students' League and has had numerous private classes and workshops.

Phyllis Stone has exhibited in several states as well as Colorado.


"Hoven", oil and pumice, 36" x 24

"Two Stops"
2 part copper/ glass piece, 12" x 12"

"Map V"
copper/glass piece,
12" x 12"

"Map VI"
copper/glass piece,
12" x 12"

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Denver, CO  80222
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