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Renee Jorgensen


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Renee Jorgensen presently works as a free-lance illustrator and designer in Denver, Colorado. Her professional background has afforded her degrees in Commercial Art and in Graphic Design. She has studied fine art applications at the university level, and pursued studies along side of world-renowned illustrators and artists.

With a trained eye and a unique blend of technical design, complimented with fine art influences; illustrating continues to be her forte.

Throughout her artistic career she has rendered a diverse variety of illustrations. This includes architectural projects, product catalogs, ethnic cartooning, and technical drafting for atmospheric scientists, art direction for corporate and private companies, and illustrations of flora and fauna for a local research geologist.

At present she is an instructor for the Botanical Art and Illustration Program at the Denver Botanic Gardens; the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists; the American Society of Botanical Artists, and a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

The art of Botanical documentation has opened up a renaissance of visual information and knowledge for her as a technical illustrator.

With a profound respect for nature and all that it encompasses, it became clear that her interests and techniques would comfortably evolve in the world of botany.

Botanical study fuels her inquisitiveness and the desire to research and record the magnificent families that make up the botanic arenas.

The knowledge and inspiration she has gained from blending artistic and technical art continues to propel her forward into the scientific realm of observing and recording nature.

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Osage Orange

"Tomatillo Onions"



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