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Tracy Parker


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My latest work has been influence by the urban and rural observations Iíve made over the course of my life and particularly in the last few years.  My works have evolved into diagrammatic studies, mappings of circumstance.  With my background and interest lying in architecture and ecology am interested in expressing and bringing forth the unsettling impact human growth and development has had on nature and the authenticity of the land.  My intent is to focus on instances of impact. Specifically, I am interested in remains, decay, what is left on the landscape that signifies the choices we make as humans.  The things we see every day.  A plastic bag caught on a fence, a water tower, an abandoned dwelling and all of its parts.  How our invasive tendency to alter space rids us of substance and abundance in life.  I am looking to communicate this human way of being as an extinction of relatedness- both with ourselves and with our relationship to our surroundings. 

Through my abstract mixed-media expressions I aim to inspire people to transform the way we relate and connect to the world of environments which we live in.  These paintings are everything I feel, see and do; everything I canít find words to express.   I seek subject matter that is very personal, but is able to be translated universally.



Lighthouse #1



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