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Victoria Eubanks


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Victoria Eubanks discovered encaustic during a visit to Open Studios at Hunters Point Shipyard in San Francisco. It was love at first sight. Here is what she has to say about the medium:

I love painting with encaustic. This refers to both the medium and the process.

Encaustic medium consists of beeswax, a small amount of resin and color pigments. The medium is applied in a molten state. These natural ingredients activate my senses; they are tactile as well as visual and my studio smells wonderfully like honey!

The encaustic process refers to the heating of the wax as it is applied. Each layer is fused with heat to adhere to the previous layer. The word encaustic is derived from the Greek word enkaustikos, meaning to heat or to burn. Paintings are produced by applying encaustic medium, fusing with heat (a torch or heat gun) then adding more paint (wax).

Painting with encaustic is both additive and subtractive. Sometimes bits of paper, small objects or images are embedded in the wax; sometimes the wax is scraped off to expose color underneath. I love creating with encaustic because the process is so active; I am physically connected to each painting. There is a luminous quality to most encaustic work because light penetrates through the translucent waxy surface then bounces back to you.



Bullseye Alpha
Encaustic on panel 20x24 in

Yes Numbers
Encaustic on panel 20x24 in

Funny Looking
Encaustic on panel 20x24 in

Funny Bars
Encaustic on panel 20x24 in

Skinny Alpha Dance
Encaustic on panel 24x20 in

Meadow House
Encaustic on panel 24x24 in


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