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Victoria Kwasinski


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Victoria Kwasinski 's statement about her show "Translucent Dualities"

In this series of work, I explore the dualities of shape (circular vs. angular) and color (cool vs. warm). I have attempted to create a visual image of the perceived impact to our chi --- our primal life force energy, as well as it's flow and movement initiated by the juxtapositioning of these elements. I am intrigued with artist Hans Hofmann's theory about the "push and pull" (positive and negative), and the energies of the circle vs. the square. One of my favorite artists, Louise Nevelson states, "The circle is the mechanics of the mind. It is a mind that turns and turns. It doesn't solve anything really. But when you square the circle, you are in the place of wisdom. There you are enlightened. And that's instantaneous." The dualities in these works are symbolic of my personal journey. Just as we would not know the circle without the square, or the light without the shadow --- all our experiences and perceptions are flavored or "known" by their opposites...... night/day --- happy/sad --- love/fear..... ....and yet in the awareness of the dualities, I find that all is not "transparent". Webster's defines "transparent" as "easily understood or detected; clear; obvious". My personal experience feels more "translucent" which Webster's defines as "letting light pass through, but not transparent". I believe that "reality" is a translucent matter of perception, flavored by our experiences, our ideas, and our visions. My intention as an artist and a member of humanity, is to look through the windows and doors, beyond the walls that hold us bound. I believe that it is.... "there".... where we find the portals to the soul.

Victoria Kwasinski attended Colorado Institute of Art and went on to receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design where she graduated class valedictorian.

Her love of art has been a lifetime journey that began with her first award at the age of seven. She has over twenty years of experience as a Professional Artist and has worked as a Corporate Graphic Artist, Freelance Illustrator, Gallery Owner, Fine Artist and Art Instructor.

Ms. Kwasinski has been teaching drawing and painting extensively throughout the Denver Metropolitan area since 1996. She has taught workshops and extended class sessions, served as an exhibit juror, and has held critiques and demonstrations for various arts associations including, but not limited to: The Colorado Watercolor Society, The Colorado Pastel Society, Foothills Art Center, Heritage Fine Arts Guild, Denver Allied Artists Guild, Aurora Artists Guild, Broomfield Art Guild, Park Hill Art Club, Business of Art Center, and other public and private associations.

Victoria works in a variety of art mediums, and the versatility of her work serves a varied audience. She is a published illustrator, and her fine art is represented by galleries, shown in local and national juried exhibitions, and is collected internationally including collections of: The National Institute of Art/Taipei, Taiwan; His Holiness Cealo/Japan; Dr. Arun Gandhi; musician Nawang Khechog, and numerous private collections.

She has contributed art works or services to groups including; The Mask Project, The Global Art Project, Project Safeguard, Art that Heals, and The Alzheimer's Association. Of her lifetime journey as an Artist, Victoria states, “Art is my passion and my joy! I believe that we are here to live our purpose as defined by what we are passionate about, that which makes our heart sing. I also believe that we each have a responsibility to share our gifts with all. Whether I am sharing my knowledge of Art through instruction, or providing a visual experience for the viewer or collector, my ultimate goal is to encourage all to see and live the beauty and joy of this gift of life.

As the poet John Keats so eloquently stated, “ ‘Beauty is Truth, Truth is Beauty.’ – that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.” My work is a celebration of the spirit that unites us all.”

Recent Credits



Remmi Fine Art, solo exhibition/gallery
    representation - Denver, CO
Gallery 821, gallery representation - Denver, CO Tennyson Gallery, gallery representation
    Denver, CO
Source, gallery representation - Denver, CO
    (since 2004)



825 Art, two woman exhibit– Denver, CO Gallery 821, group exhibit– Denver, CO Rocky Mountain
    Recorders, solo exhibition- Denver, CO
Remmi Fine Art, group exhibit - Denver, CO



The Gallery at Guiry’s Lodo, gallery representation
    Denver, CO Ouray Gallery
Ouray, CO (since 1999) 12th Street Gallery,
    gallery representation - Golden, CO (also
    2003) Square Deal Gallery, group exhibit
    Denver, CO
RL Foster Gallery, group exhibit - Denver, CO
Neo Art Gallery, group exhibit - Denver, CO Denver Press Club, group exhibit - Denver, CO



Core Matters, solo exhibition – Denver, CO
825 Art, group exhibit – Denver, CO
RL Foster Gallery, The Valone Circle group exhibition – Denver, CO



Zwolf Gallery, gallery representation – Denver, CO Square Deal Gallery, gallery representation
    Denver, CO (also 2001)
Copperidge Studio, invitational exhibit
Black Forest, CO Heart Studio, invitational exhibit
    Denver, CO
Global Art Project – Heart Studio, Denver, CO/
    Washington, D.C.
Eagle Fire Gallery, juried exhibit – Woodland Park,
Business of Art Center, juried exhibit – Manitou
    Springs, CO



The Garden Room, gallery representation
    Denver, CO
Fourth Story, prisma4 group exhibition – Denver,
Colorado Gallery of the Arts, invitational exhibit,
    Littleton, CO
Residence Off Broadway, invitational exhibit,
    Englewood, CO
Mead Street Station, solo exhibition – Denver, CO Dovecote, solo exhibition – Littleton, CO
Stella’s Gallery, invitational exhibit – Denver, CO



Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, juried exhibit
    Palmer Lake, CO
Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition,
    juried exhibit – Golden, CO Colo.
State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition, Juried/Pikes Peak
    Watercolor Society Award - Pueblo, CO
Piper Gallery/Crested Butte Wildflower Festival,
    invitational exhibit – Crested Butte, CO
Stella’s Gallery, prisma5 group exhibit – Denver,
    CO Stanton Gallery, prisma5 group exhibit,
    Littleton, CO



Market Street Gallery, Guiry’s Faculty Exhibit,
    Denver, CO
The 8th Annual State Watermedia Exhibit/CWS,
    juried exhibit – Denver, CO
The 16th Annual All Colorado Art Show, juried
    exhibit – Greenwood Village, CO



Global Art Project – Heart Studio, Denver, CO/
    The National Institute of Art, Taipei, Taiwan Alternative Arts Alliance/Open Studio Tour ,
    Denver, CO
Littleton Rotary Club, invitational exhibit,
    Littleton, CO (also 1997)
Matisse Cultural Center, group exhibit – Venice,
Le Stelle Gallery, solo exhibition – Littleton, CO
    (also 1997, 1996)

Published Work
2005: “Life's Little Ahas” – book cover and interior
2003: “Sacred Union: The Journey Home” – book cover
2000: “Ouray Visitor’s Guide 2000” – cover illustration 1997: “Littleton – The Entrepreneur’s Hometown”
         interior illustration
1997: “The Country Register” – cover illustration 1996:
         “My Garden Visits” – complete book publication,
         illustration and layout
1995: “5280 Magazine” – dining guide illustration





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