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Vintage posters at Framed Image

We carry a broad selection of marvelous posters from the 1890's-1970's depicting a variety of subjects.  We have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Barbara Siegel  of Gala Plus Vintage Posters.  More about Barbara and our posters:

"Having worked abroad and in New York City in the art world since the 1970's, I came across my first vintage stone lithograph poster in 1977. I was hooked! I started collecting these wonderful colorful and vibrant images and surrounded my home with them. As an art student in Florence Italy, I studied stone lithography and here I was acquiring as many vintage posters as I could.....ultimately becoming a dealer.

Today I am proud to be one of the international accredited vintage poster dealers in the world. I have a studio and run two websites as well as do poster studio is open by private appointment, which gives me the time to travel and search for just the right image for my customers and help them with their framing and installations in their homes and work place.

Vintage posters were originally created from the 1890's - 1970's as colorful and dramatic lithographic designs to promote products and events. The styles range form turn of the century to art deco and nouveau to the atomic age of the 1950's. Once printed, they were mounted on the walls of the cities of Europe and America and soon became a collectible item. Poster artists combined remarkable color and designs of images to reshape advertising into the decorative art form that we see and collect today. These brilliant images that have survived are passionately sought after for their historic and artistic value.

There are a wide variety of themes in, travel, transportation, wine and spirits, entertainment, products, fashion, children, sports, etc. I encourage my customers to ask us for specific areas of interest. There are a range of clients who collect anything from fountain pens, airlines, circus, golf, motorcycles, bicycles, tires, hats, shoes, travel destinations, ski., assortment of subjects have been produced in posters. The goal of the poster artist was to display an image and capture the viewer's attention, to communicate a message and sell the product.

These imaginative images do just that and as a dealer, I am most fortunate to find some of these at graphic studios and auctions all across the world and to offer them to my clients for their collections."




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