Current exhibit:
Pretty in Blue

Exhibiting Artists
Janet Anderson, Kelly Berger, Jay Breese, Linda Petrie Bunch, Carol Buschmann, Judith Brunko, Joel Cook, Ru Ciel, Amy Dixon, Victoria Ekelund, Alix Evendorff, Dale Foster, Robert Gray, Susan Haskins, Belle Heppard, Steven Hewes, Kaye Hurtt, Marie Johannes, Betsy Johnson Welty, Lela Kay, Rozanne Kobey, Marion Kahn, Kate Kennedy, Deb Kerr, Michael Kimble, Jane Mahoney, Kit Hevron Mahoney, Ivadell Marie, Katharine McGuinness, Joe Milich, Mary Ann Miro, Rodgers Naylor, David Ridge, Jennifer Riefenberg, Jennifer Robinson, Allana Ruby, Chris Ruby, Trudi Schmidt, Susan Schulte, Jean Schom, Ruth Soller, Marla Sullivan, Sarah Van Beckum, Ginger Whellock, Jennifer Wilson, Anita Winter, Janice Wright, and Lucy Yanagida

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Judith Brunko
Oil, 20 x 10  $950

Ru Ciel
Acrylic, 36 x 24  $1300

Alix Evendorff
Oil, 24 x 24  $1200

Kaye Hurtt
Tranquility of Blue
Oil, $3400

David Ridge
Distant Cirque
Oil, 14 x 14  $850



Amy Dixon
Into the Clouds
Mixed media, 27 x 27  $2800

Marion Kahn
Nightwatch over the Village
Oil, 48 x 48  $6900

Kelly Berger
Guild Trip
Acrylic, 9 x 9  $595

Linda Petrie Bunch
Gore Range
Oil, 17 x 17  $1400

Carol Buschmann
Lavender Chorale
Pastel, 12 x 9  $325

Katharine McGuinness
Rainy Morning
Painting on wood, 16 x 16  $4000

Victoria Ekelund
Docked Dinghy
Oil, 24 x 24  $700


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