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Current exhibit:
Lime in the Coconut

Now - June 30

Exhibiting Artists:
Cliffton Austin, Deb Bartos, Kelly Berger, George Bodde, Joyce Bonilla, Jay Breese, Linda Petrie Bunch, Joanne Burney, Carole Buschmann, Karen Button, Pat Carney, Rita Cirillo, Joel Cook, Aimee Deneweth, Victoria Ekelund, Alix Evendorff, Dale Foster, Candace French, Brenda Gaughan, Susan Haskins Heineman, Martha Heppard, Rebecca Hill, Kaye Hurtt, Betsy Johnson Welty, Marion Kahn, Lela Kay, Kate Kennedy, Debbie Kerr, Diane Koch, Sarah L. Lewis, Christa MacFarlane, Jane Mahoney, Rodgers Naylor, Paul Nutting, Marilyn Quigley, Jennifer Riefenberg, Sasha Ripps, Jenny Robinson, Maggie Rosche, Allana Ruby, Tracey Russell, Susan Shulte, Ruth Soller, Laurie Sorkin, Helene Strebel, Susie Hyer, Cindi Underwood, Karen Valliant, Tracy Wall, Ginger Whellock, Nancy Wylie, Jessica Wicken, Mary Williams, Lucy Yanagida, Jennifer Wilson, Anita Winter, and Amy Winter

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Kelly Berger
20 x 16

Jay Breese
Passing Clouds
Oil, 11 x 14  $650

Tracey Russell
Spring Rush
24 x 24  $500.

Betsy Johnson Welty
Gerbera and Lemon Leaf
Oil, 10 x 10   $595.

Jennifer Riefenberg,
Aspen Impressions Summer
Oil, 10 x 10  $500.





Aimee Deneweth
Beachy Bus
Oil, 8 x 10  $395

Alix Evendorff
24 x 24  $900

Brenda Gaughan
Blue and Green
Oil, 24 x 28  $1000.

Susan Haskins Heineman
Patchwork Landscape
Acrylic, 30 x 40  $900.

Susie Hyer
Oil, 22 x 16 1/6  $1100.

Marion Kahn
Yampa Valley Sunset VIII
Oil, 36 x 36  $2975.

Tracy Wall
Limes #9
Mixed media, 8 x 8  $250.


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